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Christinae’s Farmacy was founded on the premise of bringing you and your family a holistic approach to health using the healing powers of ingredients found in nature.

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Founded more than five decades ago in Austria, Christinae’s Fharmacy is a boutique business taking pride in time-honored family tradition of going back to our roots: curing and healing with natural herbs and homeopathic remedies.

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Now, with an expert background in natural pharmaceuticals, the second-generation, family-owned business is taking a step further.

Through systematic research, we curated a collection of products with the best available clinical evidence for customers around the world. We improve our products based on cutting edge researches and work with top-notch researchers including the PhD team of Oxford University in biopharmaceuticals.

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As a family business, Christiane’s Natural Products has been operational for over 50 years and has expert background in pharmaceuticals. This paragraph is repetitive and we need to keep consistent with how we call ourselves, either Christinaes Farmacy or Christianes Natural Products

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Hello, my name is Christiane.

Master practitioner of natural remedies since 1968.

I call the pristine mountains of the Austrian Alps my home. On this wonderful piece of land, I cannot help but marveling at nature and what if offers us all the time. In this fast-paced, ever changing world, we need more than ever to go back to our roots.

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I grew a strong interest in medicinal herbs and plants from a very young age. A significant day of my life happened when I, as a young girl, discovered and was immediately amazed by a family-owned antique book about all the wild forest herbs. I sat down and read it for hours. I have been pursuing my interest in homeopathy ever since.

After years of hard work and dedication, and constant retooling of my peculiar and intense self-education in all things about natural therapies, I perfected ancestral family remedies. I get the great satisfaction when these remedies work miracle on myself, my two children and our extended family members and friends.

With their support, and an entrepreneurial bent in myself, I founded this business four decades ago and our credo is to provide traditional remedies rooted in science with farm-sourced ingredients from the best of Europe.

I hope you can discover the benefits of my products as my families and friends, and my customers across many continents do.

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