Deliciously formulated natural remedies*
Always rooted in science.
Nature Provided Ingredients from the Heart of Europe.

Elderberry Essence

Elderberry Essence

Rarely has a natural remedy tasted this good!

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

Made with Black Elderberries from the lush forests of Europe

Elderberry Gummies

Elderberry Gummies

Featuring our famous 4-in-1 Formula for maximum strength

This is where we are from.
This is who we are.

The quality of herbal products and natural supplements is very much dependent on the land and soil on which they grow: climate, water, soil type and altitude. But most importantly: A clean, unpolluted natural environment to let nature do it's work undisturbed.

We are from Austria, a country in the heart of the European Alps, where environmental protection received he highest priority decades before it became a trendy buzzword. As a result Austria today is still home to a pristine natural environment. A perfect place for nature's remedies to grow.

Many other supplements are made from industrially processed concentrates or extracts. Ours are made with fresh herbs, berries from undisturbed alpine pastures and forests with pristine air, and mineral-rich spring water. Most importantly they are very, very far away from any industrial pollution. Whenever possible and practical we use non-farm, naturally forest grown ingredients.

Sourcing the best ingredients is only one part of the Christiane identity. To make the perfect product also requires the right recipe and careful handling. Our products are made following century old family recipes from Europe. The exact Christiane recipes have been a family secret for many generations and remain so to this day.

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What makes our products special?

You may have noticed that we have a limited range of products. This is by design and we'd like to think that this is one of the things that makes us special.

Whenever you buy a Christiane product, you can trust that it has gone through a rigorous and extended product development phase. This means that everyone in our family has contributed to formulating and carefully selecting the ingredients and the exact recipe. The original secret old family recipes can be spiced up with a new tasty ingredient or updated according to the latest scientific literature.

Our promise to you
When we start developing a new product, we first read up on the latest scientific studies and findings to ensure that the efficacy of all ingredients are proven in peer review research and that they are proven to be well tolerated. That is for example why most of our products contain elderberries because it's efficacy is established be well over 100 worldwide studies.

Then we make it delicious.

In short: we must be convinced it's the best product we could ever hope to make and that the new product addresses a specific unsolved need.

Why Elderberry? Simple.
Strong evidence and a long list of health benefits

Elderberry is a very common plant in Europe and Elderflower is widely enjoyed as a sweet syrup. Interestingly the amazing health benefits of both elderberry and elderflower are still not widely known. Our mission is to change that and to ensure everyone can get elderberries health benefits.

The berries have the highest anti-oxidant concentration of any fruit according to the USDA.
The list of benefits that have been studied in peer reviewed scientific studies is too long to put on one page (You can find a selection in our FAQ section). In numerous studies, Elderberry was found to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-depressant, anti-tumour and hypo-glycemic properties. In some studies it was also found to reduce body fat and lipid concentration.

In other studies Elderberry has been proven to be effective against respiratory infections

And... Helps constipation.
As if you needed any more reasons why Elderberry is awesome :-) Not only does it strengthen your immune system, Christiane's Elderberry also helps with indigestion, supports healthy skin and soothes upset stomachs.*

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